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I've always loved dolphins, which is why a good friend of mine suggested I incorporate dolphins into my logo.  Ever since I was a teenager, dolphins have inspired me and given me an uplifting feeling.  As pictured above, swimming with dolphins in Jamaica in 2009 was one of the greatest highlights of my life.


There are many symbolic representations of dolphins:

  • Dolphins have a playful spirit and can represent joy

  • Ancient Greeks believed that dolphins carried dead souls to the afterlife, or to Christ so they could be born again.  Therefore dolphins can symbolize rebirth.

  • Dolphins don't hesitate to fight when threatened by sharks, making them strong and confident animals.

  • Dolphins are also social animals and can symbolize connection.

  • Diving deep into emotions in therapy is like expressing feelings after diving deep into the ocean.  Dolphins hold their breath under water and exhale when they come to the surface, similar to exhaling suppressed emotions in therapy.

Read more about dolphin symbolism here: and here:

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